Catering Services/Prices


Prices reflected are for full pans. A full pan feeds 25-30 people. 

Half pans are also available upon request and feeds 15-20 people. 


Caribbean Style Salad $60 Half $30


Curry/Stew Chicken: Full $100 Half $50

Jerk Chicken Alfredo with Sauce  Full $200 Half $100

Jerk Chicken Wings: Full$150 Half $75

Ox Tail: Full $300 Half $150

Curry Goat: Full $300 Half $150

Jerk/ Stew Pork: $12.25 per pound

Jerk Slider Burgers (2) w/chips: $6.00 per person

Seafood: $150 and up Red Snapper or Jerk Salmon

Red Snapper 

Jerk Salmon

Curry Shrimp & Grits Full $150 Half $75

Coconut Shrimp Full $220 Half $110


Jerk Vegetable Medley Full $80 Half $40

Yard Man Vegetable Stew Full $70 Half $35

Black Bean Stew with Rice and Plantains Full $50 Half $25


Rice & Peas $50.00 Half $25

Coconut Rice Full $40.00 Half $20

Cabbage Full $55 $Half 30.00

Ripe Plantains Full $50 Half $25

Fried Yucca Full $50 Half $25

Tostones Full $60 Half $30

Beef Patties Full $60 Half $30

Festival Bread Full $50 Half $25


Rum Cake $40 per cake 

Jamaican Bread Pudding $140 per pan

Terms and Conditions:

A non-refundable deposit equaling 50% of the total Catering Contract is payable to Curry N Jerk Restaurant & 507 Lounge 30 days prior to the Event Date. Failure to pay the deposit on time shall render the Catering Contract null and void.

The balance due no later than 10 days prior to the Event Date. Failure to pay the balance due on time shall be considered a cancellation of Catering Contract.

Any Event booked less than 10 days from the Event Date must be paid in full at the time of booking. 

Curry N Jerk Restaurant & 507 Lounge accepts payments made by Credit/Debit Card, or Money Order.